Importance of Navratri 9 days and Tithi names in Sanskrit


Importance of Navratri 9 days and Tithi names in Sanskrit

These 9 days as per ancient hindu mythology are auspicious navratri days called ‘Tithi’ which starts at Day 1 and Ends at 9th day. Below are the sanskrit names of this Tithi days.
1st Day Pratipada
2nd Day Dwitiya
3rd Day Tritiya
4th Day Chaturthi
5th Day Panchami
6th Day Sashti
7th Day Saptami
8th Day Ashtami
9th Day Navami
9 Days Dress Colors This Year 2016

-4 days left to plan your 9 days dress / saree colours for this year 2016 and i am sure below details will sure help you. Before That i highly recommend you to get in loop with us on Google+ for next year 2017 list as soon it comes.

Date Navratri Day Pratipada Day Colour
1st October 2016 1st Day Pratipada RED
2nd October 2016 2nd Day Dwitiya ROYAL BLUE
3rd October 2016 3rd Day Tritiya YELLOW
4th October 2016 4th Day Chaturthi GREEN
5th October 2016 5th Day Panchami GREY
6th October 2016 6th Day Sashti ORANGE
7th October 2016 7th Day Saptami WHITE
8th October 2016 8th Day Ashtami PINK
9th October 2016 9th Day Navami

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