Raju Omlet Centre – Baroda (Vadodara)


Times Food Award for “Best Roadside Dhaba in India” for Year 2012,  winning Raju Omlete Centre from Baroda an national level award . The jury for the awards that traveled the length and breadth of the country selected the popular egg joint from Baroda (Vadodara) in the ‘best road side dhaba’ category. And 51 year old Rajesh Bhogilal Rana, well known as Rajubhai after whom the joint is named, could not have been happier,  and dedicated this award to all his customers.

Rajesh Rana aka Rajubhai came to Baroda and started a small handcart in 1982 selling only egg items on the menu as his part time business as he was working with printing press at that time.

Started with small lari to Raju Omlet Center has become popular for its egg dishes like Butter Boil Tikka, Butter Rice Bhurji, Butter Bhurji, Butter Crushed half fry etc. prepared using butter and many more dishes also served with groundnut oil as well. But all these recipes taste heavenly good when prepared with butter…Amul butter..

Raju Omlet’s Crush Half Fry is the innovative and most popular dish, it consists half fried egg, topped with spicy masala and grated boiled egg
white server along with butter fried pieces of pav, its almost deep fried in butter.. . do not count calories here. For all butter lovers and egg lovers, this is the place where you want to be on a day when you’re looking for some change. After order, two minute wait will land you to the heaven of food. a steaming hot, spicy and butterly dish is ready on the self serve counter. and you have the option of using the tall long common table to keep your plate on while you stand and eat, or you can choose to go sit on the low pavement bordering the compound of raju omlet.

Try other available egg delicacies prepared in butter , you will like to have on The Raju Omlete Centre opens in the evening at 4 pm and till 11 pm at night. Along with Omlet Crush Half Fry we love boiled tikka bhurji which is prepared in tomato gravy and served with hot buns. Don’t shy away for ordering another dish..This is the yummystreetfood pick for best food as well.

Must Try: Boiled tikka bhurji and masala half fry.
Food Cost:  Rs 50 to Rs 100.
Address: S-4, Mahalaxmi Shopping Centre, Karelibaug, Vadodara(Guj.)
Tel: 09825068928

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