Know why to celebrate Chhath Puja one of the important festival


Know why to celebrate Chhath Puja one of the important festival

Chhath Puja, also known as Dara Chhath, is celebrated in Bihar, Bangalore, Bangda and Madhya Pradesh including all the major cities and capitals of India, Mauritius, Suriname, Trinidad, England, Holland, Durban A major holiday and many other countries of the world Indian immigrants live and / or work abroad. The sunset in this Puja is worshiped as a unique one and said “every tribute to the rising sun.”
In this case, Chhath Puja was most carefully celebrated in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jakarta, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa, and even in parts of Mauritius, mainly in Bhojpuri and Maithili . Ja ja is from the ancient times began to do, with the same conviction, if the “Aladdin” ceremony to provide full dedication, the Sun God to meet all the wishes.

People also worship the “Chhathi Maiya” with the moon and the earth on this day. The Chhath Festival is one of the most important festivals in Bihar. It is dedicated to the sun god, its ritual requires a strict scheme. It is also known as Surya Shashthi as it is celebrated during the four weeks of the Kaartik Shukla Paksha Shashthi (the sixth day of the waxing moon during the lunar month of Kaartik).

The Chhath ritual mainly deals with the appeal of the sun god. It is believed that this festival was initiated by Kunti, “Karnner”, who was the son of Surya, but his mother had given up his social stigma of arrest. It is widely believed that the sun’s treatment of “power” (Shakti) has an independent identity, which is called Chhathi Maiya (Chhath mother), who actually worshiped during the Chhath ceremony. Some schools consider Chhathi Maiya to be associated with Usha, which he describes as a faint light (Twilight) in Vedas at the crack of the dawn, but in the prevailing senses she is considered the Union of Suria. Another school believes that a strong commitment to Chhathi Maiya makes a person blessed by divine consciousness, which greatly helps to overcome the tragedy of this material life on Earth, to achieve the ultimate goal of moksha.

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