Home Made Remedies To Prevent Pimples Due To Dandruff


Home Made Remedies To Prevent Pimples Due To Dandruff
Anti-dandruff shampoo
When you use anti-dandruff shampoo to wash the skin of your hair, peel the scalp with dirt and dirt. This will keep your scalp clean and free from dandruff.
• Apply a good anti-dandruff shampoo to your hair at least twice a week.
• Use this anti-dandruff shampoo to clean all affected areas, such as scalp, ears, face and chest, for better results.

Keep your hair off your face

When your hair comes into contact with the skin of the scalp skin, it can cause acne.
• Try using a hairband to keep your hair from the face.
• Do not leave your hair, pull your long hair back and keep a ponytail or braid.

3. Hot oil massage

If your pimple is caused by dry scalp dandruff, hot oil massage can help reduce this problem. The hot oil’s scalp will loosen dead skin and relax you. It improves the blood circulation to the scalp and keeps the scalp healthier.
• Apply hot oil to the scalp and massage the scalp
• Wash the oil with a good antidandruff shampoo
• Remedy at least once in a week

Lime juice

Lime has antibacterial properties, which helps to clean the scalp.
• Take lime juice and apply to scalp.
• Place lime juice on the scalp for 20-30 minutes
• You can also apply lime juice to the acne-infected area
• Rinse with mild hot water to obtain clean and dandruff-free hair

Wash your face regularly

Use cleanser twice a day. This will remove pores and dirt from your face, which can cause acne to clog pores.
• Use a water-based cleanser to clean the face twice a day
• More frequent washing may result in dry skin, which can increase acne.

Apply conditioner to the scalp

If you use hair conditioner after shampooing, make sure you apply it an inch away from the scalp. The residue of the conditioning agent can aggravate dandruff.
• Do not rub the conditioner onto the scalp.
• Thoroughly rinse the conditioner, leaving no residue on the hair.

Apple cider vinegar

This is one of the best home remedies to control dandruff. Use it as a rinse after cleansing and conditioning your hair.
• Add a few ounces of apple cider vinegar to the water
• Pour the mixture into the hair to restore the pH balance of the hair
• This will reduce dandruff and acne

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has natural antibacterial properties, helps prevent dandruff caused by acne.
• You can apply it directly on wet hair and scalp and around the hairline
• You can also add a few drops of oil to the shampoo while bathing.

Do not use hair products
Most hair styling products are essentially oily, which will clog the pores when they drop into your face.
• Use water-based hair products, if necessary.

Brush hair daily

Daily brushing will remove the dead cells on the scalp, but also help to increase blood circulation.
• Brush at least twice daily

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