make your face more fairer and beautiful get beauty tips here


make your face more fairer and beautiful get beauty tips here
Honey is one of the best ways to get fair skin. Just get a teaspoon of honey and apply it on your face, gently massage in the circular motion. You should do this at least twice a day and go to bed twice. After a few weeks, you will notice that your skin becomes a delicate golden color. Please note that you should not use milk plus honey because it is not desirable.

Yes you read to my friend. Papaya may be overheated to the body, if consumed, but it can boon to your skin if you use it as a local medicine. Do you want to know what this topical medicine is? Local drugs are externally applied. So, papaya can be properly called local medicine.

Just take a papaya. Peel off the skin and crush the fruit, making it like a thick paste. Apply this paste to your face. You can even use it on your arm (because they are exposed to the sun, easy to tan). Allow to paste on your face for at least an hour. If you are a person who does not have time to concentrate, you can simply apply and do your regular work, such as preparing for office. After an hour you can wash it off. This process you need to do at least three months to find the difference.

Tulasi (basil):
Titus is the gift of God. It not only heals disease, if consumed, but can even work miracles on the skin. Believe me, use tulasi juice on their skin to get relief from various skin diseases, and even notice that the skin becomes fair. So Tulasi Juice is now one of the best remedy to say goodbye to the sun and get the fair skin back.

Take a few Tulasi leaves. Grind with a stone, and then gently apply it to the skin. Let it look like this for a few minutes and then wash your face with luke warm water. Doing so for up to three weeks, you will be in a few weeks to achieve the difference.

Rose water
Rose water in a very short time to give you a fair skin. You can buy already available rose petals or just peel the rose petals and let them soak in the water for a day. Now this water is regularly on the face. If possible, whenever you wash your face, you can wash with roses. Remember not to apply soap when you wash your face with rose water. In many cases, people use rose water, not just the right color, but close to the pink color.

If you are in India, you must be very aware of the good effect of turmeric. In fact, Indian women use turmeric to paint their feet. This is called holiness. However, studies have shown that women who use turmeric have a fair color. Because turmeric is not expensive, this is the best thing you can try to make friends with. In the morning and before going to bed, regularly in your face, hands and feet coated turmeric. You can always notice the fair color.

Yogurt is almost everyone’s heart because dinner is said to be incomplete and does not let the taste buds enjoy curd, especially when it comes to

South of India. If applied to the skin, such an ordinary food can bring fairness! It sounds incredible, but it is actually a real friend. Just take a curd, every morning in your face coated with curd. It not only makes you fair in four weeks, but even kill acne on the face. For those allergic curds, you can try the other options mentioned here.

Cucumber is also an edible tramp, cooking almost once a week. As a low-cost vegetable, cucumber is the best advice applied to the skin to get fair. This kind of vegetables contains elements that reduce melanin and wipe the tan, which is why it is highly recommended to go to cucumbers, although it may consume a little time. People can even squeeze cucumber paste, painted on the face, and even do cucumber juice.

In addition, the study mentions that many times cucumber not only increases the fairness of the skin, but even extracts the heat from the body to leave the eyes and the skin is cool and fresh. In addition, if you often use cucumber, blackheads will disappear at any time. When you follow this prompt, do not forget to put round cucumber slices on your eyes to remove the black circles around your eyes.

Lemon juice can work miracles on your skin. You can apply it at any time, but as often as possible in the day as soon as possible. Lemon may let you pinch the feeling for quite some time, but it is natural. So do not use it as a side effect. In addition to curd, natural products have no side effects on the skin. A lemon should be enough every time. Do this at least four to six weeks before you check your face on the mirror just to change the skin color.

tomato juice:
Tomatoes are fair skin
Do you know the La Tomatina Festival? If you do not know, then let me tell you that this is a unique festival that takes place in a village, 30 km from Mediterranian. At this festival, people throw tomatoes with each other. Although history tells the tomatoes to be thrown b

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