How To Get Rid Of Stomach Gas


How To Get Rid Of Stomach Gas
Stomach causes
When the chest feels the gas pain, mainly due to the accumulation of abdominal stomach:
• When undigested food comes to the colon, it is found here that the bacterial fermentation leads to gas accumulation
• Health and high fiber products are usually difficult to digest product categories. Therefore, there is gas accumulation in the stomach
• If you are intolerant to some food groups, excess gas may accumulate in the stomach
• The consumption of carbonated beverages such as soft drinks or beer may also lead to excessive gas formation
• Constipation can cause bloating or bloating
• Due to the accumulation of excess gas, excessive amounts of air may be discharged when food is overdosed

Stomach symptoms
Stomach gas accumulation over the symptoms are:
• Often through the gas
Feel blo swollen
• The chest feels pain
• The abdomen feels nervous
• loss of appetite
Even if the natural gas pain is not serious, sometimes there will be serious symptoms, may lead to chest pain. Usually, gallstones, appendicitis and other stomach diseases produce similar pain. If the stomach gas accumulation, may mean more serious root causes.

How to get rid of stomach gas
If you want to relive the excess gas accumulated in your stomach, you can help with the remedies mentioned below.

Lie down
If you feel stomach discomfort due to gas accumulation, you need:
• Keep the head up
• rest for a while until it is not reduced

2. Increase fluid intake
When the gas develops in the stomach, it means indigestion:
• When the liquid is consumed in large quantities, it helps to remove unprocessed food from the colon and remove it from the system
• When consuming fiber-rich foods, they need to drink enough water to prevent ingestion of undigested food particles in the colon and cause gas

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3. Reduce the consumption of carbonated beverages
When consuming carbonated beverages, it causes:
• As the accumulation of gas increases, discomfort increases
• If you enter this drink, chest pain will increase

To give up the position of the gas
There are some jobs that help to eliminate gas from the system:
• need to kneel on the head and keep the buttocks in the air. When a person is in such a position, the head is facing downward, allowing the gas to pass through the system
• You can lie down and press your legs in the stomach. At the same time, breathing needs to breathe and try to force the gas to discharge
• When trying to push the gas out of the abdomen, make sure that the stomach is empty

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5. Useful position when lying down
Some locations are recommended when frequent gas attacks are encountered. There are many women who suffer from this blo swelling during pregnancy, help:
Lying on the side
• Keep the head above the legs

6. Add mustard to food
This helps to use simple ingredients in cooking:
• Mustard is said to help relieve gas symptoms
• Can be used as a component in many dishes to help keep or prevent gas buildup

7. Use Indian spices
If you use Indian spices in cooking, they know the beneficial substances that help digestion:
• Cardamom
• Curcuma

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8. Increase the intake of hot fluid
When increasing the heat fluid that contributes to the passage of gas through the system:
• Hot drinks such as tea or coffee will help move the gas
• It is best to choose herbal tea that helps the digestion process

9. Increase the intake of ginger
If you are suffering from indigestion and gas problems, you can:
• Increase intake by adding ginger to the food
• Chew the ginger and make the juice effective

10. Fruit consumption
If the vegetables cause the gas to accumulate in your system, you can take some fruit that helps to reduce the gas:
• Drink lemon juice or other citrus fruits
• Consumption of papaya, helps to reduce blo swelling

11. Add exercises
In order to avoid frequent accumulation of excess gas, it is important to exercise:
• Exercise for thirty minutes a day
• need to be more active

Use baking soda
If there is gas in the stomach, you can use baking soda in the following ways:
• Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda in a cup of hot water
• consume it to help digest

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