A great and useful sex tips for men before doing sex


A great and useful sex tips for men before doing sex
Talking about sex as time goes by, a relationship that is easy to stall, just by moving, not expressing what you really want (and need) in bed. it is time to break this cycle through a frank speech. “Ask each other,” do I need to sleep in bed? “He hinted.” Back to your previous communication. ”

Eating healthy This does not sound like a gender tip, but with good nutrition to treat the body, helping the body, including your sexualitystress management specialists and “addicted to stress”. She added: “Eating healthy food to reduce cholesterol and keep the humming of the cardiovascular system.” This will ensure that the circulation reaches its highest level in the “southern hemisphere”. ”

“Help the house around.” “The best foreplay takes place outside the bedroom, helping people get paid attention by helping the housework and affairs.”

there are few things that make you ready to meet the needs of women and have a regular exercise every day. “Even if you only need 15 minutes of exercise every day, you can improve self-esteem, self-image and sexuality.” “Exercise makes sexual aspects more enjoyable.” In addition, exercise habits can promote the normal erectile function necessary for cardiovascular health.

But do not overdo it. too many sports may have the opposite effect. “It is not a good combination of romantic companions,” he said, “in an overtraining state that produces a general feeling of fatigue and low energy that can disrupt sleep patterns and change emotions.”

In fact, work together. the exercise is good, then work with your lover is a better gender tips. “Working together to ensure that both lidocaine and endorphins are able to get up.” “Since you have sweated, take it to a new level. It is also a good idea to stretch together.”

Although you may have heard, but no material will exist in the absence of sexual desire. Even if Viagra can not do so. But there are several kinds of food, once they have already begun to change your engine.

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Give up a little abstinence as a gender tip? Believe it or not, this is a definite way to improve sex and make your next encounter with your lover more exciting. Mandel said: “Forbidden for a few days, a week or a week.” Abstinence makes the heart grow very well, so you desire to ban the fruit. ”

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8. Planned behavior. This may not sound like romance, but Dr. Simmons says it is a good way to improve your sexual life and meet a woman. He suggested a plan to do a sexual act, and he suggested: “It is very important to give up time or to arrange for sexual intercourse, especially for busy couples or those who have children, not because of fatigue or can not find” the right time ” So that the frequency of sexual reduction. ”

Use technology. That night, when you are trapped in the office, want her to keep her temper? Use your phone or email.
Compliment her body. Want a foolproof way to propel her wildness and ensure better sex? “Find out a special feature that tells her that she is the best of this class

Focus on relaxation. Men like to be excited about better sex, but women are more likely to feel relaxed by relaxing. “A woman is going to relax before she is ready to accept it,” says Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert and “indulging in stress,” the author said, “wash your hair or massage the scalp to relax your body.”

No matter how you get a better sex life, you will not be able to leave the foreplay, no matter how long you are a couple. “The foreplay has a great contribution to strengthening orgasm and improving sexual behavior,” he said, adding that “improving the autonomic nervous system will increase the sensitivity, excitability and intensity of orgasm.” Your patience and attention will be dividends. ”

“Pay attention to some of the most neglected areas, such as her neck, her feet, inside her thighs. Ruthlessly teasing her to let her want it You will be surprised that the accumulation will bring what! ”

Let her take the lead. Men often take the lead in sleep. Sometimes the better sex is to keep her responsible.

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