7 sex tips that used by great sexperts get it now

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7 sex tips that used by great sexperts get it now
1. Tell him what makes you start

Research shows that better communication is the key to better sexual relations, no, we do not necessarily mean dirty talk. Communicate what you like and do not like, when you understand each other’s body, can be said to be teaching and information. If he is doing what you like, then say, instead of relying on blurred gestures or noises. If this is something you do not have to enter, then you should guide it to the new direction. Want to try different angles? Suggest that if you reach orgasm at the same time is your goal, and you are close to the climax, do not say that

2. Do not underestimate the power of praise

In the 2016 study published in the Journal of Sexual Research, the researchers analyzed the answers of 39,000 married or cohabited 39,000 heterosexual couples. The report said that the sexual satisfaction between husband and wife showed a positive affirmation in the process of sexual intercourse, and open enough to make people feel embarrassed moment joke, continue to move forward. Dr. Jaffrey pointed out that this relaxed sex is the key, saying: “Do not over-earnestly live, happy husband and wife laugh together.

3. “If he likes you like that, then do not depend on the charming atmosphere or the noise.”
Keep things spontaneously

Even if it is a big sex, if it is more or less the same old routine, then the passage of time will become monotonous. In order to mix up, Mary Claire’s expert expert Lodro Rinzler suggested: “If you sleep with someone and feel that you or your partner might like something, that’s Some teasing, a changing position, anything … to men like, when a woman spontaneously and confidently sleeping ability.

Dr. Jaffrey also advises you to change the time and place to avoid getting into the “professional” once a week. “Try a new place to make love, maybe on the couch, in the car or on the kitchen countertops, or how is the back of the cinema? Be careful because sex in public is illegal. Take a bath, play, play Be happy. ”

4. Treat the foreplay as long-term behavior

Jaffrey points out that it is important to set a mood for sex, especially for women that this foreplay should start a long time before sex or even: “I’m talking about the spiritual foreplay before a few days ago, not you Before your sexual behavior, it is important to note that your partner, small gestures and good comments are very important to determine the right temperament. “She also suggested that during the day through text or e-mail to maintain communication.

5. Exercise on D (* Vitamin * D) and do not apostrophe

If someone doubts the power of the sport, then this year you pass the Class Pass subscription is likely to affect your sexual behavior. “Games will improve the body’s circulation, including blood flow to the genital area, thereby increasing the desire to improve your mood.” We are sure that those endorphins will not get hurt.

For those of us who lack vitamin D city residents? “Even in the summer, we will not get enough vitamin D because we are afraid of UV rays that cause skin cancer and premature aging.” Although too many suns may cause harm to the skin, but vitamin D for women’s estrals, “Dr. Jaffrey said. Hormone production and male testosterone production is essential, it can improve your sexual desire, so if you are happy in the summer, that is the reason. “Are we pressing the spring fever question answered? We think it is.

6.Go to the morning or happy in the afternoon

Dr. Jaffrey pointed out in her new book that the main reason for the inconsistent desire between husband and wife is that men and women deal with stress within a week. She said that men, seeing sex is a kind of stress relief, while women want to have sex after having time to indulge. As a result, women tend to sleep tired and their minds are focused on preparing the next day.

Her solution “A better choice is to make love in the morning and set the alarm clock before your usual time 30 minutes to see what happens. Men’s testosterone levels peak in the morning so you may be pleasantly surprised … another The choice is that the fun of the afternoon is that women tend to ovulate in the afternoon, which means that the best hormone levels of women ‘s sexuality will happen.

“Men look like a tense solution, because at this time, women want to have sexy.”

7. Expand your vocabulary

The power of the sexy smile in the bedroom is affected, but when you want to live together, it may be a serious emotional enhancer. However, this is not the simplest for those who are not accustomed to actually making 50 shadows of fantasy. “Our customers benefit most when they go to the bookstore or go online and they find a pornographic book.” She suggested that couples read together from pornographic books, especially if they wanted to develop a “dirty book “

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