5 sex tips which will help for longer sex in bed


5 sex tips which will help for longer sex in bed

Dr. Walsh explains that, in general, this means that you can adjust your own neurophysiology or how your body reacts to your body’s senses.

While there are many different types of biofeedback, one of the most common ways to avoid premature ejaculation is to stop all sexual or masturbation before you let yourself be on the edge of the climax until your excitement is under control.

Also known as the “edge” – a 5-talk show trend to try this technique can help you teach your brain and body to better control your orgasm response, sex therapist Emily Morse, Ph.D.

She suggested that you should use a lot of lotions or lubricants (we like the Almost Naked Organic Lubricant of the men’s health shop).


If you can feel your orgasm, stop and squeeze under the penis head. With the thumb and index finger to exert stress, and the pressure concentrated in the urethra along the lower side of the operation of the urethra, recommended a sex therapist Dr. Ian Kerner, she is the “first” author.

In the case of

Kerner says squeezing techniques can help you prolong sleep time, push blood out of the penis, and instantly reduce sexual stress, thereby suppressing ejaculation.

“This is another biological feedback, similar to the edge.” Dr. Walsh added.

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Ladies first

Kerner said that when you help her to complete the task, whether it is with the mouth, fingers or toys to know that she enjoy the climax, you can ease your bed in the longer pressure. Do you need some guidelines? Please check out our beginner guide for gender.


Dr. Walsh says that like a dentist stitching something on a toothpick, before being caught in the needle, a local spray is called a “local anesthetic” that you can apply to the penis to relieve the sensation and avoid premature ejaculation. “When used properly, you can adjust the amount of desensitization of these sprays and will not be transferred to your partner,” he added.

He said some of his patients had a product called Promescent. (Dr. Walsh has nothing to do with the company that manufactures this product).

But to warn: lack of feeling may make it difficult for you to stay upright during sexual intercourse, he said.

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Condoms control

Morse says the vast majority of major condom manufacturers will make thick rubber that will slip off desensitizers like your members during sexual intercourse, which can help you avoid premature ejaculation.

Looking for marketing languages ​​such as “extended fun” (from Trojans) or “performax” (Durex), which is the term for this thicker condom style. (There are 14 kinds of condoms and lubricant options for men’s health products stores.)

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