sex tips which can make your relation stronger with your woman


sex tips which can make your relation stronger with your woman
Develop “erotic wisdom”

Harrison defines “pornography” as “the desire to intervene with the daily challenges of awakening and love and life”. “Pornography” combines the knowledge of sex and pleasure with social and emotional wisdom and fosters a deeper relationship.

“How do we deal with refusal, how do we deal with shame, how to deal with these things, if we do not proceed as expected or plan – they are really needed to explore the factors of sexuality,” she said.


Reflection “foreplay”

Harrison is not a fan of the word “foreplay” because it hints at some sort of necessary step or sexual intercourse before sexual intercourse, rather than a constant pornography between partners.

“It’s more involved than that,” she said.

She advocates a full range of awakening – more is not just a spark.

She said: “Everything can be nothing.” This may be just the hair of the stroke, it can be in the hands of the public, small grazing our arms – this is linked to your partner’s porn. ”

Try new things outside the bedroom

Harrison compares the new things together in daily life to exercise the body. Learning something you are not familiar with, trying to try its courage, and perhaps even in your first few attempts to fool your own process is a good habit of your sex life.

“These are things that promote deeper links,” she says.

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