five sexiest sex tips for men to satisfy his woman during sex

Hands of female and male lying on bed and kissing

five sexiest sex tips for men to satisfy his woman during sex
Tip 1: bring back romance

Not just want chocolate and flowers, but women like their partners to be thoughtful. Psychotherapist Denise Knowles said: “I get the main complaint is that women are not enough.” “Kissing – what happened?”

Dennis, who works for the advisory body “Dear”, says men need to establish daily intimate relationships such as kissing and touching everyday life.

She said: “Most men seem to think that if you have a kiss, it’s a prelude to sex.” You have to keep the general intimacy that does not always lead to sex. ”

Health expert Naomi Martell said: “To think about your partner, you can be as simple as a cup of tea in the morning.”

Tip 2: the right time, the right place

If you have 10 minutes of leisure time between shopping and picking up your child, this may be a window of some male sexual opportunities. Many women may prefer more time to experience the mood.

“Because of hormones, women feel sexy at some point in a month, and less (or no) at all, men are often more coherent and more spontaneous,” says Tracey Cox, a sex expert and bestselling author. ”

Dennis said: “Sometimes women really want a happy, but sometimes women want a man to spend time, let the men interested in them.

She said: “Men may have a surprising time.” They do not seem to realize that you can not jump out of a dirty diaper, or do not look at “Goldilocks” and “The Three Bears” in order to start sex immediately. ”

Tip 3: Try something new

Dennis said: “If you have been in a relationship for some time, men can use the same gender model, the old generation of children, you can almost accurately predict what will happen next.

She says that men can see sex as a more process than a pleasure.

She made some different things and made her feel surprised.

Tip 4: different women like different things

Men can assume that a woman’s work applies to all women. The situation is not so for a woman, it is surprising that it may be sad for another woman.

Female shapes and sizes are different and have different personality! Your ex – girlfriend may not be like your new lovers.

“It’s true that a man is interested in a woman’s part of the bed,” Dennis said.

Tip 5: Keep clean

This is very basic, but it helps to remind some people to keep clean.

Naomi said: “If you are not clean, this may be a terrible, large-scale closure, it can make a woman completely separated from you.”

Tracey said that when it comes to touching a delicate part of a woman, it is important to make sure you wash your hands. She also made sure that your nails were cut short.

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