MSRTC employees on strike Diwali travel hit


MSRTC employees on strike Diwali travel hit
Mumbai, Oct. 17 An employee of Maharashtra Road Transport Company (MSRTC) has more than an endless strike demanding a pay rise, resulting in thousands of long-distance travelers planning to travel to the home difficult.

In order to overcome the interference caused by the strike that began at midnight yesterday, the transportation department of the Maharashtra government issued a notice allowing private cars, including school buses, ferry.

The state-run company, known as the strike, was hit as “illegal” by thousands of passengers.

“At midnight yesterday, our 10,200 people have stopped carrying the ST bus, requiring the implementation of the seventh wage committee, a temporary rate hike of 25% until the pay team’s recommendations are implemented.

Sandeep Shinde, chairman of the Maharashtra Workers’ Union, told PTI today: “The government agrees to give us a temporary rate hike that is temporarily unacceptable.

“If our demands are met, we are ready to end our fight now,” Shinde said.

Shun Tak said that on behalf of the trade unions to apologize to the passengers inconvenience.

“We have been providing services to them (passengers) for a long time, but this time we need them to support our survival,” Shinde added.

He said Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Transport Minister Diwakar Raote had taken some steps to solve the problem, but “we wanted a final solution.”

“All types of (private) buses (such as schools and corporate vehicles) have been licensed to ST station ferry passengers due to strikes by state transport personnel,” said Gedam, chairman of the Transport Committee of Maharra Stella, on PTI.

MSRTC senior officials said the strike was “illegal” and the transport agency’s administration had called on union members to work again.

“Different courts have clarified that such strikes are not within the law, because transport is a basic service, so we call on staff to resume work.”

MSRTC officials say Fadnavis and Raote have taken this issue seriously and ordered the establishment of a committee to study.

Every day more than 650,000 passengers take the ST bus. MSRTC runs 18,000 buses, some of which travel to remote areas that are not connected by rail networks.

Transport business losses of 45 billion rupees per year.

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