10 naughty and useful sex tips for men and women you can try


10 naughty and useful sex tips for men and women you can try
Take it easy
“I like to take my time, both to blowjob, lots of kissing, heavy strokes, excessive sucking of any part of the body, slowing of the tongue at random parts of the body, etc. In general, the process of licking prog becomes sucking, But some early sucking never hurts anyone. “Michael F. , 25, of San Diego, California

Lying on your side
“I loved it very much when we stood on one another, because it was close, but we can be very aggressive too, and we can look at each other when we fuck, but this position also allows us to control both speed and Intensity, and my thrust, my girlfriend tells me something about sideways behavior, targeting her clitoris in the right way – it does not hurt her faster – and Brooklyn, NY 35 James P.

Ankle on the shoulder
“I do not have the biggest penis in the world, but it made me feel that I interrupted my girlfriend’s posture when she was back on my back and I put her ankle on my shoulder and penetrated her, which made us two People wear more deeply, especially if her ass hangs a little bit on the bed – 29-year-old John J. of Phoenix, Arizona.

The sex on the sofa
“I like to sit on my penis when I sit in a chair or on a couch and I can see and touch everything including her breasts and clitoris and I know a lot of men like Reverse Cowgirl, Glad to see the girl’s ass and everything, but I always think it bends my penis to the point where it may break. “- Peter C., 31, of Asheville, North Carolina

5. dog’s style
“Puppy, all the way, I’m a ass man, for me, nothing better than watching her ass straight me better, my girlfriend now is not anal sex, that’s fine, but puppies make me feel like us There are anus, but better: no strange “surprise” on my penis when we’re done – Brian S., 27, Richmond, VA

6 cowgirl position
“Cowgirl is better than anti-cowgirl and dog, because part of her body bounces and I can touch and feel every part of her body. I can see her face and her reaction. You can not underestimate how much this is. The Heat – Paul B., 37, New York, NY

Banana sex
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7. In front of the mirror sex
“Everything in front of the mirror – literally – 100,000 times better in front of the mirror than it was without the mirror. Watching my girlfriend give me a hit on the knee in front of the mirror is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen But looking at the camera and watching her riding me, the mirror gives us a chance to see where our eyes can not be seen, which is the closest film-like movie – New York, New York, 37 Andrew, old

8. 69
“69 can be amazing – but only when you are the same height, my wife seems to be less confident about her self-awareness at the same time, so she really relax, my penis harder to suck, in short, this It’s a win. “- Tom F., 41 years old

9. From the back of sex, let go
“My girlfriend and I like it, and when she was obedient, I was always touched by her lying on her stomach, and I lay on her back from behind, feeling more intimate than dogs, because I You can wrap your hands over her chest or rub her clitoris, too, and I like to cover her body with my hands, my hands down and always feel the penis as deep as possible in this position. Old Hawthorne, NJ

When you tell him a story
“We are in a position that does not matter because all positions have strengths and weaknesses (mostly professionals), but when my girlfriend started telling me this fantasy, she got her home and found her most Good friends gave me a blowjob and then joined, and I had to stop myself from reaching orgasms for a few seconds, she described every detail and looked at me in her eyes – it just made me want to work harder or do Everything I had to do to make her take a long time to put her friend into the fantasy (she had ignored the identity of this person), but I told her that men are visually, not by this Intimidated by intimidation, so she followed suit. Gender is even hotter. “- Justin R., 29, Raleigh, North Carolina

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