get the sexiest sex tips of 2018 to satisfy your partner


get the sexiest sex tips of 2018 to satisfy your partner

Talk about fantasy

Whether you and your lover are exploring your fantasies or turning your desires into reality, it is important that both of you talk about what each of you wants from it. You can discuss the issue honestly, or you can be even more excited when discussing the issue in the foreplay. This will help build predictions when you really take a plunge. If you blur things up, fantasy may quickly escalate into a nightmare.

Set some borders

Unless no one in you has any doubts about what is happening in your bedroom, you may also discuss each other’s limitations. Setting borders before going into role-playing can help avoid damaging the illusion and may keep things away from the comfort zone of your lover. It will also help you to keep this moment without worrying about things going well. If your role-playing fantasy is very complex, you may need to set a security word that you can use to stop it.

Do not forget about safety

Just because you show a fictional situation does not mean that you can completely forget reality. Your sexual health is always the top priority, so save your condom before your big night. Using condoms is the best way to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. When you’re in the store, you may want to pick up some personal oils and even vibrate the rings to get more spice.

If you are nervous, practice by yourself

Stage fright can translate into a bedroom, so if you’re worried about your acting skills, you can rehearse it alone. You can always find examples of specific scenes that you and your lover are reproducing. Caching a phrase in your head can help you avoid being frozen in the heat of the day, and preparation may give you more confidence and make your boyfriend or girlfriend more real

Lost in the moment

In the big night, do your best to forget your taboo, immersed in your character. Try to see your lover as if he or she has become their character. If you concentrate on thinking about the fact that you are role-playing, then you will not be able to enjoy this experience.

Playing sex fantasies can be a fun way to explore your sexuality and develop further with your partner. However, if you find that at any time you do not enjoy the same thing as you think, there is no problem with brakes. If one of you is not fully involved, then neither of you may experience so much. You can try again with another fantasy.

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