5 sex tips which will help for longer sex in bed


5 sex tips which will help for longer sex in bed

Dr. Walsh explains that, in general, this means that you can adjust your own neurophysiology or how your body reacts to your body’s senses.

While there are many different types of biofeedback, one of the most common ways to avoid premature ejaculation is to stop all sexual or masturbation before you let yourself be on the edge of the climax until your excitement is under control.

Also known as the “edge” – a 5-talk show trend to try this technique can help you teach your brain and body to better control your orgasm response, sex therapist Emily Morse, Ph.D.

She suggested that you should use a lot of lotions or lubricants (we like the Almost Naked Organic Lubricant of the men’s health shop).


If you can feel your orgasm, stop and squeeze under the penis head. With the thumb and index finger to exert stress, and the pressure concentrated in the urethra along the lower side of the operation of the urethra, recommended a sex therapist Dr. Ian Kerner, she is the “first” author.

In the case of

Kerner says squeezing techniques can help you prolong sleep time, push blood out of the penis, and instantly reduce sexual stress, thereby suppressing ejaculation.

“This is another biological feedback, similar to the edge.” Dr. Walsh added.

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Ladies first

Kerner said that when you help her to complete the task, whether it is with the mouth, fingers or toys to know that she enjoy the climax, you can ease your bed in the longer pressure. Do you need some guidelines? Please check out our beginner guide for gender.


Dr. Walsh says that like a dentist stitching something on a toothpick, before being caught in the needle, a local spray is called a “local anesthetic” that you can apply to the penis to relieve the sensation and avoid premature ejaculation. “When used properly, you can adjust the amount of desensitization of these sprays and will not be transferred to your partner,” he added.

He said some of his patients had a product called Promescent. (Dr. Walsh has nothing to do with the company that manufactures this product).

But to warn: lack of feeling may make it difficult for you to stay upright during sexual intercourse, he said.

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Condoms control

Morse says the vast majority of major condom manufacturers will make thick rubber that will slip off desensitizers like your members during sexual intercourse, which can help you avoid premature ejaculation.

Looking for marketing languages ​​such as “extended fun” (from Trojans) or “performax” (Durex), which is the term for this thicker condom style. (There are 14 kinds of condoms and lubricant options for men’s health products stores.)

7 sex tips that used by great sexperts get it now

Hands of female and male lying on bed and kissing

7 sex tips that used by great sexperts get it now
1. Tell him what makes you start

Research shows that better communication is the key to better sexual relations, no, we do not necessarily mean dirty talk. Communicate what you like and do not like, when you understand each other’s body, can be said to be teaching and information. If he is doing what you like, then say, instead of relying on blurred gestures or noises. If this is something you do not have to enter, then you should guide it to the new direction. Want to try different angles? Suggest that if you reach orgasm at the same time is your goal, and you are close to the climax, do not say that

2. Do not underestimate the power of praise

In the 2016 study published in the Journal of Sexual Research, the researchers analyzed the answers of 39,000 married or cohabited 39,000 heterosexual couples. The report said that the sexual satisfaction between husband and wife showed a positive affirmation in the process of sexual intercourse, and open enough to make people feel embarrassed moment joke, continue to move forward. Dr. Jaffrey pointed out that this relaxed sex is the key, saying: “Do not over-earnestly live, happy husband and wife laugh together.

3. “If he likes you like that, then do not depend on the charming atmosphere or the noise.”
Keep things spontaneously

Even if it is a big sex, if it is more or less the same old routine, then the passage of time will become monotonous. In order to mix up, Mary Claire’s expert expert Lodro Rinzler suggested: “If you sleep with someone and feel that you or your partner might like something, that’s Some teasing, a changing position, anything … to men like, when a woman spontaneously and confidently sleeping ability.

Dr. Jaffrey also advises you to change the time and place to avoid getting into the “professional” once a week. “Try a new place to make love, maybe on the couch, in the car or on the kitchen countertops, or how is the back of the cinema? Be careful because sex in public is illegal. Take a bath, play, play Be happy. ”

4. Treat the foreplay as long-term behavior

Jaffrey points out that it is important to set a mood for sex, especially for women that this foreplay should start a long time before sex or even: “I’m talking about the spiritual foreplay before a few days ago, not you Before your sexual behavior, it is important to note that your partner, small gestures and good comments are very important to determine the right temperament. “She also suggested that during the day through text or e-mail to maintain communication.

5. Exercise on D (* Vitamin * D) and do not apostrophe

If someone doubts the power of the sport, then this year you pass the Class Pass subscription is likely to affect your sexual behavior. “Games will improve the body’s circulation, including blood flow to the genital area, thereby increasing the desire to improve your mood.” We are sure that those endorphins will not get hurt.

For those of us who lack vitamin D city residents? “Even in the summer, we will not get enough vitamin D because we are afraid of UV rays that cause skin cancer and premature aging.” Although too many suns may cause harm to the skin, but vitamin D for women’s estrals, “Dr. Jaffrey said. Hormone production and male testosterone production is essential, it can improve your sexual desire, so if you are happy in the summer, that is the reason. “Are we pressing the spring fever question answered? We think it is.

6.Go to the morning or happy in the afternoon

Dr. Jaffrey pointed out in her new book that the main reason for the inconsistent desire between husband and wife is that men and women deal with stress within a week. She said that men, seeing sex is a kind of stress relief, while women want to have sex after having time to indulge. As a result, women tend to sleep tired and their minds are focused on preparing the next day.

Her solution “A better choice is to make love in the morning and set the alarm clock before your usual time 30 minutes to see what happens. Men’s testosterone levels peak in the morning so you may be pleasantly surprised … another The choice is that the fun of the afternoon is that women tend to ovulate in the afternoon, which means that the best hormone levels of women ‘s sexuality will happen.

“Men look like a tense solution, because at this time, women want to have sexy.”

7. Expand your vocabulary

The power of the sexy smile in the bedroom is affected, but when you want to live together, it may be a serious emotional enhancer. However, this is not the simplest for those who are not accustomed to actually making 50 shadows of fantasy. “Our customers benefit most when they go to the bookstore or go online and they find a pornographic book.” She suggested that couples read together from pornographic books, especially if they wanted to develop a “dirty book “

5 things that can kill your sex drive get sex tips here


5 things that can kill your sex drive get sex tips here

Certain drugs

Antidepressant drugs with mojo chaos have bad persuasion. But often not, medical side effects are not blame. Most people actually have something called low-responsiveness, which is just another name for low sexuality. Not everyone wants sex (although we think of what society). Everyone has different libidos, different biology-driven and desires. So if you are not always in the mood, that does not mean you are automatically “wrong”.

Using these climax-induced techniques, she never needs to fake it.
However, certain medications may change your sexual behavior. Vigilance for the reduction of testosterone (such as drugs for the treatment of prostate cancer), selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (such as paroxetine and fluoxetine), and serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors Venlafaxine). Others include lithium, benzodiazepines, antihypertensives, cardiovascular drugs and lipid lowering agents such as gemfibrozil.

Although there is not much evidence to link supplements to low-gender drivers, scientists have found that people who use St John’s grass have noticed a decline in libido. Check that any of your labels are always good, or ask your doctor or pharmacist if you are worried.

Alcohol and caffeine

Booze and caffeine can lower your sex drive, but it depends on the extent and frequency of your consumption. You also need to consider any potential mental problems.

Because caffeine is a stimulant, it can exacerbate potential anxiety symptoms, which can reduce your desire for libido. Playing the bottle too hard also on the sexual desire, erectile function and the quality of your climax is also unfavorable.

Scientific support to enhance sexuality, erection and satisfaction.
Too much movement too much

Everyone knows that too little exercise can reduce libido, but too much can have the same effect. Excessive exercise can lead to disorders similar to eating disorders and physical deformities, which may have a negative impact on your sexual behavior.

Overall, it is good for people to feel sexy, so moderate exercise is good. It is known that yoga will increase sexual interest and enhance sexual pleasure. According to the “Gender and Marriage Treatments” published comment, yoga can even stimulate genital blood flow, which can improve the weak erection and orgasm. Obviously yoga is a huge reducer, it can get rid of low sex drives.

Sexual health
What can you do to prevent erectile dysfunction
I heard you older the better, no if you do that
Active use of pornography

If you are addicted to pornography, your masturbation habits are beyond control and you can over-stimulate dopamine levels, which are triggering pleasure neurotransmitters. If this happens again and again, your brain will become more difficult. This can be done by avoiding pornography and sticking to a more healthy masturbation pattern. This may sound easy, but it is often difficult for men to self-regulate this behavior, which is why many people seek professional help.

Emotional imbalance

If you are with your partner, then this may be the reason your sex starts diving. When your libido falls, this may be your way of protecting your body. If you feel a wall, find someone who bothers you, talk to your partner, or seek professional help. You have to solve the problem. Avoiding conversations may make your partner feel rejected, and even suspect that you are not faithful.

A great and useful sex tips for men before doing sex


A great and useful sex tips for men before doing sex
Talking about sex as time goes by, a relationship that is easy to stall, just by moving, not expressing what you really want (and need) in bed. it is time to break this cycle through a frank speech. “Ask each other,” do I need to sleep in bed? “He hinted.” Back to your previous communication. ”

Eating healthy This does not sound like a gender tip, but with good nutrition to treat the body, helping the body, including your sexualitystress management specialists and “addicted to stress”. She added: “Eating healthy food to reduce cholesterol and keep the humming of the cardiovascular system.” This will ensure that the circulation reaches its highest level in the “southern hemisphere”. ”

“Help the house around.” “The best foreplay takes place outside the bedroom, helping people get paid attention by helping the housework and affairs.”

there are few things that make you ready to meet the needs of women and have a regular exercise every day. “Even if you only need 15 minutes of exercise every day, you can improve self-esteem, self-image and sexuality.” “Exercise makes sexual aspects more enjoyable.” In addition, exercise habits can promote the normal erectile function necessary for cardiovascular health.

But do not overdo it. too many sports may have the opposite effect. “It is not a good combination of romantic companions,” he said, “in an overtraining state that produces a general feeling of fatigue and low energy that can disrupt sleep patterns and change emotions.”

In fact, work together. the exercise is good, then work with your lover is a better gender tips. “Working together to ensure that both lidocaine and endorphins are able to get up.” “Since you have sweated, take it to a new level. It is also a good idea to stretch together.”

Although you may have heard, but no material will exist in the absence of sexual desire. Even if Viagra can not do so. But there are several kinds of food, once they have already begun to change your engine.

Play video
Give up a little abstinence as a gender tip? Believe it or not, this is a definite way to improve sex and make your next encounter with your lover more exciting. Mandel said: “Forbidden for a few days, a week or a week.” Abstinence makes the heart grow very well, so you desire to ban the fruit. ”

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8. Planned behavior. This may not sound like romance, but Dr. Simmons says it is a good way to improve your sexual life and meet a woman. He suggested a plan to do a sexual act, and he suggested: “It is very important to give up time or to arrange for sexual intercourse, especially for busy couples or those who have children, not because of fatigue or can not find” the right time ” So that the frequency of sexual reduction. ”

Use technology. That night, when you are trapped in the office, want her to keep her temper? Use your phone or email.
Compliment her body. Want a foolproof way to propel her wildness and ensure better sex? “Find out a special feature that tells her that she is the best of this class

Focus on relaxation. Men like to be excited about better sex, but women are more likely to feel relaxed by relaxing. “A woman is going to relax before she is ready to accept it,” says Debbie Mandel, a stress management expert and “indulging in stress,” the author said, “wash your hair or massage the scalp to relax your body.”

No matter how you get a better sex life, you will not be able to leave the foreplay, no matter how long you are a couple. “The foreplay has a great contribution to strengthening orgasm and improving sexual behavior,” he said, adding that “improving the autonomic nervous system will increase the sensitivity, excitability and intensity of orgasm.” Your patience and attention will be dividends. ”

“Pay attention to some of the most neglected areas, such as her neck, her feet, inside her thighs. Ruthlessly teasing her to let her want it You will be surprised that the accumulation will bring what! ”

Let her take the lead. Men often take the lead in sleep. Sometimes the better sex is to keep her responsible.

tips for having better sex with your partner know about sex positions to enjoy bed sex life


tips for having better sex with your partner know about sex positions to enjoy bed sex life
Check out your watch.
The hottest thing a man said to me is, “I do not think you look Jewish.” The second hottest thing is when I am with a buddy and say, “Take all the time you need.” One ton of women are disturbed by “too long” because they are compared with those who can count up to five The Comfort her, especially in verbal time, you are very happy to wander there, but for a long time. Saturday night at 2 o’clock, what else to do?

At the same time, know that you are in time.
Open a woman to start a minute, you sit down and date. At dinner. The She told her that she looked beautiful and opened the door – it all helped. We need to ease. You can not just sneak into the crotch, no accumulation, and hope she can vent. Sex is about the journey, not the destination – especially when your partner is hard at high tide.

So where did you leave you?
When the girlfriend likes, any guy will feel overwhelmed, “Hey baby, I will not be happy.” Immediately, panic: I was not enough? Has her vagina broken? Should we be twins? What is Snapchat?
So many problems! This is why I have the answer. If you are in such a situation, you should do eight things:

Check out your watch.
The hottest thing a man said to me is, “I do not think you look Jewish.” The second hottest thing is when I am with a buddy and say, “Take all the time you need.” One ton of women are disturbed by “too long” because they are compared with those who can count up to five The Comfort her, especially in verbal time, you are very happy to wander there, but for a long time. Saturday night at 2 o’clock, what else to do?
At the same time, know that you are in time.
Open a woman to start a minute, you sit down and date. At dinner. The She told her that she looked beautiful and opened the door – it all helped. We need to ease. You can not just sneak into the crotch, no accumulation, and hope she can vent.

If you have a delicious ten-course snack and waitress forget to bring you a lucky biscuit, it’s not like the whole meal is nonsense. Samesies for boning
Show some curiosity.
Does Bernie Sanders have a chance? Is kombucha a scam? Why do we have coins? These are very good questions. But not the kind of problem we are talking about. When you are in a hot time, ask your woman what you want. Do you like dirty talk? Do you want to spank? What makes you go?
4. Apply a cool whip on her buttocks and lick it.
Sike! Just look at whether you are paying attention though, why lie? It sounds very interesting to try, tell me how the matter

Please give us something about you.
When a woman says she is not out of touch, you may hear, “your sex is not good, your penis is stupid,” that’s not what she said! I talk to a group of male friends, admit that when a woman can not cum, they feel inadequate, like their fault. What did you guess? In fact, it is not that no one is wrong. So, all the criminals – not enough for us, will only make everything worse.
Believe her when she says still love it!

If you have a delicious ten-course snack and waitress forget to bring you a lucky biscuit, it’s not like the whole meal is nonsense. Samesies for boning all the other things – touching, kissing, sucking, spitting (I do not know what you are entering), is super fucking great. Believe us when we say we have a good time!
When everything fails, there is actually a book.
Beto Dodson and Betty Dodson, I can guarantee chronic sex.

Also: have fun
Hey! You! You are naked with a hot baby you like. You’ve won! So take a little bit of Nabaca, put on some D’angelo, let me feel proud.

useful sex tips to satisfy your lady during sex in the bed


useful sex tips to satisfy your lady during sex in the bed
To remember the sexual tips: never underestimate the power of foreplay

I am sorry. The way of infiltration will not affect the woman’s world and make her orgasm. Before considering your plan to do different positions with her, you need to do something first: foreplay.

A mistake that man often makes in sex is through drama. Just because your south people are staged, it does not mean she is ready. Take the time to explore her body and aim all her sensual areas, such as the neck, the inside of the thighs and the back.

Slowly down, let her warm up in the coming thing. Use your lips, tongue and fingers to explore what is building momentum. Do not be selfish, put your girl’s needs on the bed. Do not worry about her happier in the foreplay, the better the return, she will ensure that you get the appropriate compensation.

Keep in mind that gender is not the game if you first finish the prize waiting. Enjoy the journey as much as possible to make the experience happy.

By saying a woman’s tropical area, aim at the right place

You may think that the only area there is worthy of your attention to the place to make her feel excited and feel. Whether you do not believe that a woman’s vagina, especially her clitoris, is just part of the body’s many sensual areas.

These sensory areas contain thousands of nerve endings, making the area particularly sensitive, especially when awakened. For these specific areas of her body, it helps to make her more aware of emotions and is excited about the expectation and excitement of coming. At the same time, it gives the woman a message that you care about her happiness because you are willing to take the time to explore her body.

This makes sex more memorable, which will definitely make her beg more. Continue reading to find out more about male gender recommendations that you can use in the bedroom.

As a masters, give her breasts special attention

Breast you have to pay attention to her breasts, especially the nipples in the foreplay, you are doing a good job.

This is a common mistake for men: in the main activity, they tend to forget the breasts and focus on penetration and gender positions.

If you want her to beg another round, here is what you should do: in the act itself gives her breast more attention. The breasts provide extra irritation due to the large number of nerve endings, especially in the following, which may lead to better and greater orgasms.

When she was above, consider doing this in her breasts:

Use your fingertips, start from the periphery of a breast, and slowly into her nipples.
Cup, raised her chest below, licking her nipples.
Gently sucking her breasts.

gently pulled her hair, let her groan happy

Hair, do you know that the scalp contains thousands of nerves that may come in handy during sex? When a woman is provoked, these thousands of nerves may be more sensitive; so more exciting.

This is to seize: not a woman for this. Before you do this, be sure to first ask your partner’s permission. Some women are offended and violated because of this behavior, so ask for consent before pulling anything.

In order to remain safe, what you should do is:

When she was above, put her hand over her hair.
Grab some lines near the scalp and pull it gently.
This may increase the intensity, because the scalp is very sensitive when in close contact. If she does not enter this act, do not force it.

Give her a preview and skip her midway

Ridicule it is something you should remember when it comes to women and sex: teasing and creating accumulation leads to expectations and expectations lead to sexual excitement. When this happens, it makes it easier for her to get the mood, which makes it easier for you to do your work for her fun.

How do you do that? Tease her

In the foreplay, insert your penis into her inside, and slowly but partially penetrate. Do it for a few seconds and then pick up from where you left. In the main activities before many times to do this, she will beg more.

When she finally begs, give her the best hum, you can give it. It will definitely make her crazy.

Keep calm and experiment sex position, man

There is always a major gender position: missionary, puppy style and woman on top. These places are crowded collection, will help you keep all night.

This is the thing: if you have been preaching, then do not be surprised to find your sex life in drainage. The happiest sex couples are those who are willing to experiment and try new things in bed.

12 sexiest sex tips will make you crazy and wild during sex


12 sexiest sex tips will make you crazy and wild during sex
If the choice of mediocre sex on the table, the only option is a pretty decent blow to the work and six packs of handmade beer, the possibility that will be lost in a spectacular way. Yes, it is true: many women are taught men prefer to have sex rather than breathe well, oxygen is good, there is a preference in the post. Get this: many are even in favor of quality (!!) over quantity.

Now, if all this makes you feel a bit nervous, you will find yourself wishing to know what kind of treatment you have to pull down to keep your sex life fresh and rest assured that most men do not look for fox tail ass (but if you Yes, today is your lucky day, because they do exist). These men come to show their favorite sex – and most prove that it is better than you think.

slow down

“I like slowly, both sides have a lot of tone, a lot of kissing, heavy strokes, both overly sucking the body random parts, slowly with the body parts of the tongue move, etc. In general, licking progressive sucking , But several early suckings never hurt anyone. “-Michael F., 25 years old, San Diego, CA

On your side

“When we stand by us, face to face, I really like it because it is intimate, but we can also be positive, we can look at each other when the fuck, but this position also allows us to control me The girlfriend told me there was some sex on the sideways, aimed at her clitoris in the right way – it would not hurt her so much faster. – James P., 35 years old, Brooklyn, New York

The ankle on the shoulder

“I do not have the largest penis in the world but let me feel like my girlfriend (good way) position when she is on her back, I put her ankle on my shoulder and penetrate her Making infiltration deeper for us, especially if her ass hangs on the bed a little bit. -John J.,

“When I sit on a chair or on the couch when I cross my penis, I like it and I can see and touch everything, including her breasts and clitoris, I know a lot of people like anti-cowgirls, Ass and everything, but I always feel it will bend my penis to the extent possible to break. ”

Puppy style

“Puppy, all the way, I’m a butt, so for me there’s nothing more than looking at her ass directly like me, my current girlfriend is not anal sex, that’s fine, but the puppy makes me feel like we There is an anus, but better: when we finish, my penis has no chance to make me wonder “surprise”. “- Brian S., 27 years old, Richmond, Virginia

Female cowboy location

“The cowboy is better than reversing the cowboy and the dog because the body part of the bounce, I can touch and feel every part of the body, I see her face and her reaction, you can not underestimate how hot it is. Paul B., 37, New York, New York

In front of the mirror sex

“Anything in front of the mirror – literally – anything in front of the mirror is ten thousand times better than no mirror, looking at my girlfriend, giving me a spank in front of the mirror, the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, but Looking at her, looking at her riding me, the mirror gave us a chance to go to our eyes can not, it was the closest imitation, actor and watch a dirty movie. “- Andrew A., 37 years old, New York New York

“69 can be amazing – but only when you are the same height, my wife seems to be less aware of her self-consciousness when I was at the same time under her, so she was really relaxed and through the deep throat in my The penis is harder to suck, all in all, it’s a win.

“My girlfriend and i like when she obeys, so always get my move is that she lies on her belly and my top is behind her, it feels more intimate than the dog because i can wrap my Hand in her breasts or rub her while holding her clitoris, and I also like to be able to cover her body with my gloves

Tell him a story

“Our location is not important because all the posts have pros and cons (mostly good and bad!), But when my girlfriend begins to tell me about this fantasy when she has come home to find her most Good friend gave me an oral sex and then joined, i had to stop myself from reaching orgasm in a few seconds, she described every detail and looked at my eyes while she was doing it – it just made me want More effort, or whatever I want to let her come, she took a long time to add her friends to the fantasy (she ever ignored his identity) but I told her man

10 Naughty and Nice Sexiest sex Tips you wont get anywhere


10 Naughty and Nice Sexiest sex Tips you wont get anywhere
Steam shower
Nice: Do you know fruit bathing he loves you? Heat between your palms and give him a playful ass, use the foam as a lubricant to massage his pack. He will be happy from your touch and your smell.

Naughty: the use of shower or removable head to give him an insider view, how do you let yourself go. Send his edge with your warm and soft whisper, how do you look at him when you solo.

Speaking experience
Nice: the path from his chin kissed to the happy trail, and then use your tongue to move in your direction. When you actually take him to your mouth, he will expect almost to twitch.

Naughty: give a bad girl BJ. Grasp the lipstick containing menthol. It will react with his hot skin, leaving a little bit of tingling, regardless of your lips touching him. Those trembling will all the way up to his spine.

Start some gifts
Nice: from the wardrobe dressed as the favorite thing (that he likes that special high heels), let him take you one by one off. Make sure everything below is a new surprise to his underwear.

Naughty: let him be your lover. Put on peekaboo bra and sexy underwear, then let him leave you. Put his wrist tied together, look at you with your eyes, and then go with him.

Share sexy snacks
Nice: put a scarf on his eyes, slowly from his mouth to his sweet food, let him guess what he had just eaten. By using your belly and breasts as a service surface to heat more stuff.

Naughty: celebration and pouring – there are some bubbles. Remove one of the cups from the cold cup and then roll the tongue and lips on the nipple. The cold limits his capillaries and leads to a guilty feeling.

Just kissing
Nice: set a movie night on the couch and told him he could only go to the first base. It is an innocent coming that will make you all want more. Let him try to “persuade” you are further half of the fun.

Naughty: the tongue inhaled your mouth, when he pull back, the lips wrapped in tips, like the same when sucking. This is an R-class preview that will help him demonstrate the functionality.

What can cause orgasm problems in women?


What can cause orgasm problems in women?
The cause of female orgasm can be physical or psychological, including:
Not being fully stimulated
Worry about performance
Emotional disorders such as depression
Physical health problems
Lack of knowledge or fear of sex
Previous traumatic experience
Relationship in the problem
When can the orgasm problem begin?

The climax problem can be:
Primary school: a woman never had a climax
Secondary school: There used to be a climax in the past, but it can not
Some women do not need orgasm to enjoy sex. However, it can be a problem for other women and their partners to fail to reach orgasm.
According to sex counseling associations, sexual problems, including orgasm, affect women about 50%, and become more common with women’s age.
If you have orgasm problems, where to get help

If you can not get orgasm, go to the uumontological medicine (GUM) clinic or see your general practitioner. They can check for any physical cause that could cause problems.
If things are psychological, it may help to see a sex therapist or a doctor. Your general practitioner can refer to you, or you can privately see one. Looking for a therapist who is a member of the Institute of Sexual and Associative Therapists (COSRT) or a doctor of the Institute of Psychiatry.

Naughty oral sex your men wants to try during sex


Naughty oral sex your men wants to try during sex
“Invisible verb” can improve your happiness.

Shocking women have mental relaxation and verbal difficulties. It sounds like you’re trying to turn off the lights, so you can not see him. You will have less distraction and be able to focus.

Have a defensive way to go deep.

This is a trick, give him a fantasy, you put him always put his tongue on your mouth. And then let his members hit your tongue below.

You should make him very good.

34% of the guys say they want a girl to be audible when walking around the door. When he was almost at home, told him to send text messages to you, and then ambushed him.

Sucking not only for stupid ones.

Many women complained to our experts that they were going downhill down because they did not have enough pressure on their guys. Ask him to change his move, try to suck your clitoris, rather than provide more intense pressure.

His “boy” would like to attend the party.

Fifty-one percent of the men complained that their girlfriend was verbally ignoring their ball. Try this technique: When your hand rubs his axis, a testicle gently sucks in his mouth.

There is a way he has never been licked.

Body – his penis tip hole – is hypersensitive. Stick your tongue in that place and exert moderate pressure. It is a particular place where he does not even realize that it has great potential, so he will fall in love with what you find it.

Lubricants can taste well.

If you want to stay there for a while, you may get a cotton mouth condition that could cause his penis to bruise. Lubricants can solve this problem. Many companies are making seasoned recipes that taste only slightly fruity or small, unlike candy-coated toxic waste. You can purchase a sample package online at babeland.com.

Shakira has the right idea.

Many chicks complain that their guys are technically lacking in differences. If you do not want to talk, the body moves your hips as if you are struggling from all the fun. It will give him a hint that he should change his move.

If you enter it, he will enter it.

One thing makes people feel warm. In fact, many people are difficult to fully enjoy themselves, because they worry about their partner hate there. Let him know that you like it, moan gently, when you take him to your mouth.