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FROM 15th Sept to 22nd Sept 2017 (Astrology 2017)


You may have a lot to do, but you could find much of the week rather distracting. It might be best to test the waters before making any commitments or promises, especially if they’re important. Something could occur that would mean you’re unable to follow through. And with a full moon in Pisces midweek, emotions could also come to the fore, which might make it harder to know what’s best. Ease into the flow and you’ll fare much better by the weekend.


Happy choice can call you a week ago, especially if you are busy at home. After a hard job, you may be more willing to do some more relaxing things that can be done as a recovery and improve your spirits. This week, people you often can not see unexpectedly appear at your door, which may be an excuse for a party or a large outing. By the end of the week, you may feel that the low profile is calm.


Focus on the home area, so in the next few weeks, you can provide an opportunity to make your place look like a beautiful person. This may involve eliminating confusion, reassembling or reorganizing, all of which you will take the pace. Mid week full moon can bring a family problem to the head, so stand behind, resist the temptation, if you can. Things should be more resolved in a few days, making it easier to choose a course of action.


It seems that the next few weeks will be very busy, especially in general administrative tasks, writing, research and online activities. This can also prove to be very useful and bring many opportunities to deliver your information to the world and to sell your goods and services. In the case of lively Mercury direct rotation, when things start to return to normal, you still need to look for mixed information and potential smells until this weekend.


The weeks ahead could see you shaking off your old image and adopting a newer, more charismatic approach to life. With a solar eclipse in your sign acting like a turbocharged new moon, it could seem like anything is possible.


A new beginning may be possible due to a powerful influence in your spiritual sector. If you feel like learning to meditate or taking up some other spiritual practice, go for it. Doing so could change your life in a dynamic way, allowing you to bring your vision to life.


An encounter or social event could have a profound effect on your life and mark a turning point for you. Because of this, you may make a key choice or perhaps decide to follow a new path that could turn out to be especially fruitful.


This week brings an opportunity that may not be repeated for some time. The dynamic solar eclipse in your sector of ambition suggests that any decisions made now could be crucial. Don’t feel you must make a choice on the spot, though.


An opportunity to explore new territory could be a turning point for you, one you may embrace with great enthusiasm. The coming weeks could lead to fresh options that you may never have considered before, and this could be very exciting.


You might decide to make a radical change that could have a major effect on your life. While you may have been mulling this over for some while, events could act as a catalyst that pushes you to do something.


If one relationship has been under pressure for some time, this is when things could come to a head. A lunar eclipse in your sector of relating means that feelings could erupt and lead you to make an impulsive decision.



Health and well-being may be very much on your mind, as a potent lunar phase could encourage a fresh start. A wellness issue or the sense that something needs to change regarding your overall health could act as a catalyst.