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FROM Jan 15th to 22th Jan 2018 (Astrology 2018)


The full moon at the start of the week could see you enjoying time with family and friends, as well as looking ahead to your plans for the future. Try to give yourself a reduced schedule on January 1.


As 2018 gets underway, the full Cancer moon on January 1 in your sector of communication suggests that you’ll be busy interacting with others and having a fabulous day.


Although the January sales may beckon, 2018 could get off to an expensive start if you decide to splurge. Therefore, go easy if you’re shopping, and keep track of all receipts. V


With a full moon in your sign on January 1, the year could get off to an emotional yet very nurturing and satisfactory start. You’ll enjoy being with family and close friends as 2018 gets underway.


The full Cancer moon in a more secluded sector of your chart encourages you to forget about work or duty for the day and take time out to celebrate the new year. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get back into the swing of things during the rest of the week.


The year 2018 gets off to a very lively start with a full Cancer moon in your social sector encouraging you to enjoy any New Year’s celebrations. At the same time, you could be busy with creative projects or enjoying a budding romance.


You might have bold ambitions as 2018 gets underway, and it could be a very positive experience to contemplate all you hope to achieve. However, there is also a very strong focus on home and family affairs that could last for some time.


A part of you may wish you were traveling as the new year gets underway. However, a very potent focus on communication and your local environment suggests that you could be kept very busy in your own area. There might be some creative opportunities you can turn your hand to.


Although you might have expenses from the holidays to handle, January 1 and beyond could still see you eager to splurge, especially if you’re tempted by items in the post-holiday sales. Say yes to such purchases as investments, and try to make them as wise and useful as you can.


With a full moon in your sector of relating, January 1 could be a very heartfelt and soulful occasion. You may feel a connection with family and loved ones very acutely, and this could leave you quite emotional.


If you can lighten your schedule on January 1, consider doing it. The full Cancer moon encourages you to ease off the accelerator and listen to your feelings. With a major focus on your spiritual sector, you might need time to reflect on issues and perhaps resolve them.


Your social life seems to be extremely lively, and the full Cancer moon on January 1 adds to this. The year 2018 gets off to a boisterous start, and this could fuel your intention to make it the best year ever. At the same time, you could be eager to explore new paths and ready to move out of your comfort zone.